We are a local community organisation whose goal it is to transform unused green spaces across High Town, Luton into attractive and delicious edible plots.

We do this by putting on community gardening days where we get together to dig over unused plots and put in herbs, fruit and veg. The work achieved on these days is made possible and sustained through ongoing gardening work on the plots which keeps the plants alive and the weeds away. This happens on open community gardening sessions on a Wednesday morning.

Who is Involved?

Edible High Town was originally known as the ‘High Town Community Gardening Project’ and was started in September 2016 by local residents through some funding from Near Neighbours. In June 2017 we changed the ‘brand’ to Edible High Town to reflect our more specific aim of turning unused green spaces into edible ones. Yum!

Edible High Town is overseen by a steering committee comprised of 6 local residents. To keep the work going, Doris is funded 6 hours a week as a gardener, maintaining the plots of land and preparing them for community days. Sam is funded for 4 hours a week as the project coordinator.

Otherwise, it is local volunteers who keep this going with their time and support, through community gardening days and ongoing help.


We are working with the generous support of the local residents association, Friends of High Town (friendsofhightown.org).


We have received funding from Greggs Environmental Fund and Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation which will sustain the project up until August 2018.