Join us every Wednesday

You can now join us in gardening High Town every Wednesday. Our friends at Noah have invited us to meet there, and we’ll head out around 10am. Everyone welcome.

We’ll still be organising work days on the weekends, so don’t worry if you’re not free mid-week. Wednesday sessions are for anyone who wants to join us in the regular maintenance of our growing number of growing spaces.

Fruit trees in Albion Court

Albion Court is a small green square between High Town Road and Wenlock Street. In the corner, right at the bottom of Cross Street, is a raised brick planter that wasn’t getting much love. Edible High Town have taken it on, with community volunteers helping to clear the rubbish and shrubs.

With the patch clear, in December we were able to plant four dwarfing fruit trees in the space, making a mini-orchard. Two apple and two pear trees have gone in, with plans for herbs, vegetables and ground cover plants filling in the rest of the space in the spring.

There’s not much to see there are the moment, just a muddy square and some twiggy saplings, but watch this space…