Edward Street – Edibles coming soon

On the corner of Edward Street and Kingston Road is a patch of grass and an assemblage of scrub. The shrubs have generally been used as a place to dump empty drinks cans, but it’s a good portion of land and we can do something interesting with it.

Most of the shrubs had been extracted already, so this week the team were clearing away the weeds and preparing the ground.

And time for tea. Thanks Kim.

Since this is a good size plot on a prominent corner, we hope to do something special with it. We’ve been consulting with the local residents to find out what they’d like to see, and it’s on the masterplan for 2019.

Fruit trees in Albion Court

Albion Court is a small green square between High Town Road and Wenlock Street. In the corner, right at the bottom of Cross Street, is a raised brick planter that wasn’t getting much love. This was the state of it when Edible High Town took it on:

After the heroic efforts of our gardeners and community volunteers, the rubbish has been cleared out and the shrubs cut away. With the patch clear, in December we were able to plant four dwarfing fruit trees in the space, making a mini-orchard. Two apple and two pear trees have gone in, with plans for herbs, vegetables and ground cover plants filling in the rest of the space in the spring.

There’s not much to see there are the moment, just a muddy square and some twiggy saplings, but watch this space…