The Story of the Burr Street Car Park Fruit and Herb Bed

Early in 2017 the Burr Street Car Park had received its council haircut and looked something like a spiky, green bin with lots of litter and weeds growing up.

Following council permission and some useful funding from Greggs Foundation, we took this on and slowly removed the tough barberry bushes with help from a community day and the steady work of our gardener, Doris. By late Summer it looked like this: a bear patch of earth.

It remained this way until mid October for our second community day on October 14th where we put in fruit bushes and herbs. It’s not yet at its most aesthetically pleasing, being winter and the fruit bushes looking like twiggy sculptures, but here’s a flavour of what we’ve put in.

Chives, mint, marjoram

Loganberries, honeyberries, cranberries, blueberries, gooseberries

Fennel, curry plant

Thyme, rosemary, parsley, three kinds of mint

Sage, rosemary, some ferns (non-edible!), parsely

We have also planted onion and garlic bulbs to come up over the winter. We may add to this with some more winter veg but here is the start.

We are now eyeing up our next projects and are aiming to make edible corridors through high town, for the pollinating insects and peckish high town population!

We’ll provide details of upcoming events on this page!