Get Involved

There’s a number of ways to get involved with the project. Simply keeping an eye out for the various plots around the area, removing litter, watering the plants on a dry day or, if you’re up for it, doing some more serious weeding on an ad hoc or regular basis are all helpful ways to get involved.

Every Wednesday from 10am – 1pm we have community gardening sessions focusing on a specific plot of land that we are turning edible. See details below.

On top of this, we have larger community gardening days every 6 weeks or so that target some more heavy duty work to either dig out some stubborn, unsightly plants or to put in some new green edibles. Look out for updates on our blog, twitter or Facebook.

If you want to be even more involved and offer some time on an ongoing basis as a regular volunteer managing one of the plots get in touch with Sam, our project coordinator, here for more information.