Get Involved

So you’d like to get involved in some community gardening in High Town? Excellent. Here are some of the ways to get started:

Join us on a Wednesday morning! We get together to manage our various plots from 10am to 1pm or so, meeting next to Noah on High Town Road. All are welcome, all ages, occasionally or regularly. We have a WhatsApp group for regular volunteers, to let you know what we’ll be up to each week – see below.

Keep an eye on our beds! These are your growing spaces, so we’d love it if you could look out for them. If you’re walking by and there’s litter in them, pick it up and pop it in a bin. Lots of folks do this, which is why our beds are usually litter-free. Pull up a weed or two. If you live or work nearby and can pop out and water a plot, that makes a big difference, expecially when it’s dry.

Join a community gardening day! Every 6 weeks or so we organise a work day to target some more heavy duty work, blitz a particular spot, or prepare a new project. Look out for updates on the website, Twitter or Facebook.

Become a regular volunteer! If you want to be even more involved and offer some time on an ongoing basis as a regular volunteer, get in touch with Sam, our project coordinator, here for more information. Join the WhatsApp group and we’ll let you know about upcoming opportunities.

What else can I do? What would you like to do? Could you grow plants or seedlings for us to plant out? Fundraise? Build a raised bed? It’s not just gardeners that we need. If you’ve got experience in managing projects, running volunteer networks, or fundraising, we’d love to tap your expertise. We’ve got plots in the works that will need some handywork and carpentry skills. Spread the word on social media, or help us out with photography or videos. Perhaps you’re willing to do a car or van run to the garden centre for compost and plants. Let us know what you’d like to offer!