Making connections

Along with growing as much food as we can around High Town, this summer has also been a time to make connections with other organisations. It’s our first year in operation, and we’re looking to build up our networks and learn everything that we can from people who’ve been doing urban growing for a while.

People like Incredible Edible Dunstable, with whom we exchanged visits. They came to see what we were up to, and we were inspired by their beautiful growing space and their no-dig gardening techniques. It’s great to see the way they work with local business, and the long term commitment that their plot represents. You can see it for yourself on Katherine Drive, opposite the Co-op.

We’ve also been working with Penrose Roots, who run the Roots to Recovery garden on Old Bedford Road. They’re lending their design expertise to help us plan and develop one of our larger spaces on the corner of North Street and Cobden Street.

Stockingstone Allotments also got in touch and invited us to present an award at their annual ceremony. Philippa represented us and discovered a brilliant group of growers who were friendly, helpful, and ready to share their knowledge and seeds for next year.

We’ve also been working with the Luton Food Plan, a vision to transform the town’s relationship with food. (You can read it here if you’re interested.) We’re supporting one of the plan’s key aims to ‘green the borough’.

There’s  more – there are a number of other conversations going on that we look forward to telling you more about as they unfold. If you’d like to meet us and talk to us about your project, get in touch!

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