The Luton Food Plan and our part in it

Everyone needs access to healthy and tasty food at a price they can afford. Not everyone in Luton does at the moment, and the council’s public health team have been working on a Luton Food Plan. Over four years, the plan will address healthy eating in the town, aiming to improve people’s diets, expand good eating choices, and encourage all of us to take an interest in what and how we eat.

There are three main areas of focus:

  1. The council will be getting its own house in order, improving catering options and vending machines, and using its procurement power.
  2. Access to healthy food, including working with takeaways to provide more healthy options on their menus.
  3. Greening the borough, encouraging more people to grow their own and improving access to green spaces.

Edible High Town is involved, particularly in the third of those areas. We’re part of the strategy group, hoping to lend some of our enthusiasm for growing and eating local fruit and veg. We’re also supporting Luton’s plans to become a Sustainable Food City, and to join the healthy eating Veg Cities network.

We’re all about community-building and place-making through food and growing, and it’s great to be connected with a project that has wider ambitions for upgrading the food culture in Luton.

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